Is homelessness an earthquake? · What would acceding look like? · Letting them house themselves · Letting them feed themselves · Letting them make a living · Let my people go!

The first page of this study of homelessness is entitled “Reluctant pioneers.” Having studied the page titled “Is homelessness an earthquake?” can you explain why “reluctant pioneers” is an apt description of the homeless?

Have students investigate local ordinances that make life difficult for the homeless. If you’ve managed to find a homeless “consultant,” he or she will undoubtably be able to help with this.

If possible, arrange a field trip to a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Encourage students to ask the people they encounter there what they think the community could do or provide (besides handouts) that would make their lives easier.

Invite a local grocer or restaurant owner to explain how he or she would feel about making edible but unsellable food available to the homeless.

What do you see of value just lying around (like aluminum cans) that could be recycled or reused? Do you see people collecting this material? See if you can find out what they do with it.

What did the Israelites have before the Pharaoh “let them go”? What did they give up by being let go? What did they ultimately gain?