The tribe of crow–and others · The East Mountain News · Why it worked · The East Mountain News as circus · The success and failure of the paper

The Tribe of Crow “isn’t for everybody,” Quinn says. Is it for you?

The author often spends time describing his difficulties in the process of discovery. Why do you think he does this? Does it add anything to your understanding of the ideas or is it just a distraction or an irrelevancy?

Bring a newspaper to class (a Sunday edition will give you plenty of material to work with), distribute sheets from it, and have students estimate the ratio of advertising to news on the sheets they have. (It will average out to about 50/50.) Use this experience to help them understand the “rule” followed in publishing the East Mountain News.

Why was a week with a twelve-page paper better than a week with an eight-page paper?

Imagine that the New York Times suddenly began publishing a twelve-page paper instead of its usual-size paper. How do you think this would affect its employees?

Quinn says their tribe needed a couple more members, but the only people who presented themselves were people looking for a wage. Why didn’t they just pay them the wage?

Why did a shopper succeed when the East Mountain News folded?