The beginning is not the end · What, no miracles? · 140 words of advice · A dynamite ending

Write a paper to complete these two sentences: “Old minds focus on ________. New minds focus on .”

What does it mean to “play the devil’s advocate”? Why do people want to play the devil’s advocate?

What are some solutions to our problems that seem to you to come under the heading of miraculous? For example, you’ll hear people say that we have to “evolve to the next level” if we hope to survive. Does that come under the heading of miraculous?

Which of Quinn’s 140 words of advice do you consider easiest to follow? Hardest to follow?

Quinn has written elsewhere that the least-followed piece of advice given here is the last one. “People can’t resist the temptation to try to turn people around with arguments,” he says. “Personally, I’ve never seen a single mind changed by argument.” Has anyone ever changed your mind by arguing with you?

Is “writing a dynamite ending” to this story a challenge you intend to accept?