The links in this section will take you to sources of information relevant to the work and ideas of Daniel Quinn and to the situation of the world we live in. If you find an article, podcast, video, or other source that deals with these topics and might be of interest to others, please send us the link. We’ll check it out and maybe add it here.

Population, Extinction, Diversity, Sustainability

Pan Earth: Russell Hopfenberg, Ph.D.
This is a major site for scientific literature and visuals upholding the conclusions presented in Ishmael and other of Daniel’s writings. (The slide presentation World Food and Human Population Growth is expected to be back online in a few months.) Among the published papers available for downloading are “Genetic Feedback and Human Population Regulation” and “Human Carrying Capacity Is Determined by Food Availability.”

Local Future: Aaron Wissner
Aaron Wissner, founder of Local Future and organizer of a yearly international sustainability conference in Michigan, spent several days in Houston talking with Daniel and generating hours and hours of video. Throughout the conference weekend in November 2012 segments of this edited footage were shown.
Click here for the video.

Climate change is no joke (2014)
This short animation from NASA is an easy way to find out how things have been heating up since the 1880s.

Quitting time!
David Suzuki explains why we r-e-e-e-l-y MUST stop growing! NOW (2013)

Let’s get rid of all those damned wolves! (2014)
We think not. This brilliant short film shows how well the living community works when LEFT ALONE (or put back the way it was).

Ecological Ignorance and Economic Collapse (2009)

Did This Obscure Author Predict Occupy Wall Street Years Ago? (2011)

U. of Minnesota: Diversity of Species Triumphs (2001)

U. of Wisconsin: Accumulated Change Courts Ecosystem Catastrophe (2001)

Smithsonian Researchers Show Amazonian Deforestation Accelerating (2002)

Species extinction rates “accelerating” (2019)

U. Of Texas/Austin: Extinction Rate Across the Globe Reaches Historical Proportions (2002)

National Science Foundation: Evoluntionary “Speed Limit” Governs How Quickly Life Bounces Back After Extinction: Biodiversity Recovers More Slowly Than Thought (2002)

Life on Earth at Risk (2015)

Arctic sea ice shrinking (2012)

Not Even a Bee (2012)
Biodiversity – or not, in an Iowa cornfield.

Tribal Peoples

Cultural Survival

Survival International

Sacred Land Film Project

A last look at some endangered indigenous peoples? (2013-CNN update 2015)

The Hadza, living much as they did 10,000 years ago-despite encroaching modern world. (2009)

Education, Lifestyle, Culture

What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire (2011)
Timothy Bennett’s film identifies and calls into question the fundamental assumption that has led to this unprecedented crisis in human history: that humans were destined to dominate the rest of the community of life with the Culture of Empire.

First Earth: David Sheen
This film documents a shelter paradigm shift, establishing the appropriateness of earthen building in every cultural context, under all socioeconomic conditions. Watch it here.