Radio & Podcast Interviews

KBOO Portland, Between the Covers
Daniel Quinn talks with Marianne Koczian about My Ishmael.

KUT Austin, Planetary Folkways
Daniel Quinn Interview with Howie Richey.

The Living Earth Connection
Amy Gustin, whose WordPress blog archives contain numerous programs relating to Daniel Quinn’s work, hosts a lively two-part discussion with him.
11/27/2014 – Part 1

Women’s Radio Collectively on KMUD
Amy Gustin and Daniel talk about population, extinction, and more in this interview. Thanks, Amy, for this recording. 6/7/2012

The Living Earth Connection
Amy Gustin and Daniel continue their discussion begun in Part 1.
11/27/2014 – Part 2

Nature Bats Last, Progressive Radio Network
Kevin Hester and Guy McPherson have free-wheeling phone talk with Daniel.

Rewild Yourself Podcast, Episode 50
Peek “Inside the Mind of Daniel Quinn” with host Daniel Vitalis. (The DQ segment starts about 13:00.) 6/9/2015

A Conversation with the Reluctant Therapist, KCBX
Elizabeth Barrett chatted with Daniel over a period of two days in Houston, generating hours of dialogue.

Listen to an hour of their lengthy conversation here. 2/21/2017

Invisible Success and Memes We Live By
The Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show, 4/6/13

An exchange of emails between Daniel and Rob prompted Daniel to write a new essay called “The Invisibility of Success.”
The dialogue that resulted between the host and his guest on this subject was, according to Daniel, “one of my all-time best.”

Transcript of Part 1 of the interview is here:

Transcript of Part 2 of the interview is here:–Plunging-Ea-by-Rob-Kall-130503-911.html&series=8