[This answer was updated 6/7/97 to include more options and more instruction] Actually, none of the above! 4) your browser and/or printer is not set up to print these color combos and so won’t (nor will it save)! Here’s how to fix that: Try specifying a white background with black text before you print – you do this in the General Preferences part of the Options menu if you are using Netscape. Internet Explorer is similar. This will force a standard color combo that your printer will like! (You can also specify minimum font sizes in most browsers, so if the site print is too small for your eyes, then choose 9 or 10 point font as a minimum.) If you are unable to change the Options in your browser, it is still possible to print, but your options are down to 2… 1) highlight what you want to print (with your mouse) choose Copy from the Edit menu, then open a text editor or a word processor and choose Paste from the Edit menu in that program. It may require a bit of formatting at that point, but you should have what you want. Let me know if you have more trouble with it. 2) choose Save As from the File menu of AOL’s browser and give the file a name and location that you can find it again (something like c:\ or c:\temp\ for example). Then open the file in a text editor and delete everything starting with the line right afterthrough the line that reads Once you have done that, save the file and close the text editor. Now go back to your browser and choose Open from the File menu. Locate the file you just edited and open it up. You will not be able to print from the browser with no trouble at all. Contact me if you have difficulties… The Webmaster

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