My objection to vegetarianism as a moral or political principle is that it finds eating a carrot to be morally superior to eating a cow. To me, this makes utterly no sense. The carrot is just as much alive as the cow. You’ve read my words (“The world is a sacred place and we belong in sacred place as any other creature”) but haven’t yet understood them. Is the lion that eats a deer engaging in a wicked act? Do you think that lions should “give up” eating meat? Do you think that evolution committed a moral error in allowing tens of thousands of species of carnivores and omnivores to come into existence? Are foxes a mistake? Are sharks a mistake? If these species aren’t mistakes, why do you settle on humans as a mistake? Why should eating patterns allowed to other species be forbidden to us? Are we less sacred than they?

ID: 171
DATE: 29 Jun 1997
UPDATE: 29 Jun 1997