As a great many do, despite all my efforts, you are confusing hunter-gatherers with Leavers. Hunter-gatherers would never, I think, produce the music you mention—or Shakespeare’s plays—which could only appear in literate cultures. But Leaver cultures were as capable of developing into civilized societies as we were—and of producing music and literature as great as ours. I can’t speak for animism (as if I were an archbishop), but speaking as an animist, I would say that the purpose of life is to live. And, speaking as an animist, I would not say that we were here to “preserve” anything. If you mean by purpose “intention,” then speaking as a student of biology, I would say that there is no purpose to evolution—the two are antithetical.

DATE: 27 Mar 1998
UPDATE: 27 Mar 1998
ID: 178