I nowhere suggest that being a vegetarian is “ethnocentric”; such an idea would be nonsense. I do not imply anything whatever about cannibalism. I don’t believe I ever said that I “can’t” subscribe to the idea that animal life has a higher right to life than plant life. It would be POSSIBLE for me to subscribe to it (millions of people do, after all); but the fact is that I DON’T subscribe to it. Obviously humans are animals—and to save you the trouble of asking another question, I don’t subscribe to the idea that humans have a higher right to life than plants. (The fact is, you see, I consider the phrase “right to life” to be completely devoid of meaning. To say that something has a right to live is, as far as I’m concerned, as meaningless as saying that it has a right to be tall or a right to be purple or a right to be four-legged.) I can’t imagine where you get the idea that I might believe that “taking a life, any life” is wrong.

DATE: 27 Mar 1998
UPDATE: 27 Mar 1998
ID: 181