At the present time, no one feels me as a threat; I’m sorry to say that I’m not even making anyone nervous, as far as I can tell. The lower middle class is unaware of my existence. The guardians of right living (the ATF and FBI) are unaware of my existence—and even if they were aware of it, they would see nothing in me to be alarmed about. B’s persecutor Fr. Lulfre is a far more improbable character than a dozen telepathic apes. The major religions of our culture (as they would see it) have no more reason to be worried about me than the Pentagon does about a toddler with a water pistol. As you and I see it, I’m a dangerous character, but it’s not the way I’m seen in general. I’m waving my arms as hard as I can, but the assassins and the guardians of right living are looking elsewhere. When they finally start looking my way, don’t worry—I’ll make myself scarce!!

UPDATE: 26 Dec 1998
ID: 375