This is exactly what it is, and there’s every reason to suppose that each successive manifestation of the phenomenon will be worse than the ones that came before (as the water becomes hotter and hotter and hotter). Since 1997 two people were killed in an attack at a school in Pearl, Mississippi, three at West Paducah, Kentucky, and five at Jonesboro, Arkansas Now we jump to fifteen at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado It doesn’t take a genius to predict that future massacres will be even more horrendous. And now we have Attorney General Janet Reno talking about “preventing” such tragedies. Children can no more be “prevented” from going postal in a society that has deprived them of hope and meaning than the skin can be “prevented” from blistering in scalding water.

ID: 399
posted: 02 May 1999
updated: 02 May 1999