You’re working with some false assumptions. My message IS being heard by people like corporate chairmen (see the story of Ray Anderson, for example). I recently spoke at the EnvironDesign3 conference in Baltimore, attended by representatives of companies like DuPont and Monsanto, where I received a standing ovation (and invitations to address corporate groups).

Certainly some will hear without understanding—there’s nothing unusual about that. Men like Einstein and Freud were far less well understood at this stage in their careers that I am. And certainly some will hear without being moved. Has ANY new message EVER won over 100% of its audience? Charles Darwin’s ideas initially made him an object of derision, and after 140 years, they’re still hotly disputed. Why should I be discouraged? Far from being discouraged, I never imagined I would reach as many people as I have.

ID: 408
posted: 19 May 1999
updated: 23 Jun 1999