There are no common STORY elements between my book and the film. The film is about a primatologist who reevaluates his life and humanity’s place in the world as a result of living for a time with a band of gorillas.

He tries to communicate what he learned, but is thwarted not so much by his circumstances in the story as by the film studio’s determination to omit as much of this kind of material as possible.

For example, while held in a prison for the criminally insane, he “rewrites” the history of the world in pictorial form on the walls of his cell–but is given only a few seconds in the film to explain it. What remains as a common element between Ishmael and Instinct is, I’m afraid, not much more than the fact that there is something desperately wrong with the way we live.

ID: 433
posted: 05 Sep 1999
updated: 05 Sep 1999