It’s a fine old lynch-mob tradition to hang the suspect first and ask questions later.

If you had asked (instead of just reaching for a rope to string me up with), I would have explained that our efforts are designed to enable us to publish materials that no COMMERCIAL publisher would dream of publishing–for example, our three-hour video study of food production and population growth. Far from increasing our own income, this video was financed with money from our own pockets (more than $20,000), which hasn’t even come close to being paid back by sales at our website.* In fact, all the publications offered at our website were developed with money from our own pockets, and not a single one is even close to breaking even–and indeed may never break even.

As to why I don’t write about “real world events,” I’m not a newspaper columnist or editorial writer covering “events.” If you want one of those, you have hundreds to chose from. As to why I haven’t written about the WTO meeting, why the devil should I? The partisans whose interests are at stake at this meeting are not having trouble making themselves heard. I write about what NO ONE is writing about, not what EVERYONE is writing about.

*At the time this question was answered, we had a separate sales website for the video and audio tapes we produced and little books that we published (The Book of the Damned, The New Renaissance) along with other items. We closed this in 2009. –RMQ)

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ID: 446
posted: 29 Nov 1999
updated: 29 Jan 2000