I do not “believe” in evolution any more than I “believe” that the earth revolves around the sun. To say that there’s “no proof” for evolution is very like saying that there’s “no proof” that the earth revolves around the sun.

Evolution has not been “proved,” and it isn’t taught in the schools as something that has been proved. It is invariably referred to as a theory, but in science a theory is not a conjecture that is “unproved,” it is an organizing concept for evidence, and by this time, it has proved to be such an effective and persuasive organizing concept for the evidence gathered by so many earth and life sciences, that very, very, very few scientists doubt that evolution took place.

Evolution makes sense of what we know about the world and about the community of life–and the theory that the world came into being all at once in its present form does not. It is untrue that the theory of evolution “completely denies the idea of God.” It does nothing of the sort. Even the current pope recently acknowledged that. All it “completely denies” is that the world was created all at once, in its present form. If God is omnipotent, he could as easily have created a universe that evolved over billions of years as one that came into being instantaneously in the form we know.

ID: 451
posted: 13 Jan 2000
updated: 13 Jan 2000