The salvationist religions have always been allied with Taker expansion (which antedated them all by thousands of years). By definition, they see the world as merely a stopping place to something better–of no intrinsic value. By definition, they see human life as pre-eminently valuable. Our expansion has always had their blessing, and if any one of them had cursed it, it would have disappeared as completely as the cults of Baal, Astaroth, and Dagon. It is precisely because animism cannot be twisted so as to bless our expansion that it is not one of the “major” religions (that is, one of “our” religions); it remains foreign and alien. It’s the religion of “those” people–savages, primitives, people of no account, hardly human at all.

ID: 479
posted: 27 Jun 2000
updated: 27 Jun 2000