As Ishmael explained, there were (and are) many Leaver peoples who were (and are) agriculturists. Becoming agriculturists doesn’t turn Leavers into Takers.

Takers exhibit three characteristics:
(1) They believe (i.e., act as if) the world was made for humans to conquer and rule;

(2) they practice totalitarian agriculture, a form of agriculture predicated on the notion that all food on this planet belongs to humans exclusively; thus (a) food dedicated to human use may be denied to all other species, (b) any species that would compete for human food may be destroyed at will, and (c) food needed by other species may be destroyed at will to make room for the production of human food;

(3) they believe their way is the One Right Way for people to live and everyone in the world should live that way—and be forced to live that way, if necessary.

ID: 48
Posted: 1997