To begin with, you don’t need my or anyone’s permission to translate a book—any book. Permission only becomes necessary when it comes to PUBLISHING the translation. Typically, the publication of a translation does not begin with the act of translation.

First, a publisher must become interested in publishing a translation. Then the publisher approaches the holder of the publishing rights for a license to publish a translation. In the case of Ishmael and The Story of B, Bantam Books would have to issue such a license.

In the case of all other of my books, I myself would issue such a license. It should be noted that a license to publish would only be issued to a publisher. Once having the license, the publisher would then commission the actual translation.

NOTE: Following Daniel’s death in 2018  foreign publishing rights held by him are now held by Rennie MacKay Quinn. 

ID: 486
posted: 13 Aug 2000
updated: 28 Sep 2006