One point about “Mother Culture” that I’ve never specifically addressed in print is that she almost never comes down on one side of an issue. She is as comfortable with Marxist theory as with Capitalist theory. She is as comfortable with the Pro-choice position as with the Pro-life position. She is as comfortable with Moses, Jesus, and Muhammed as she is with Adolf Hitler, Aleister Crowley, and Ivan Boesky.

What Mother Culture is not two-sided about is the fundamental mythological vision of our culture: that the world was made for man, who belongs to an order of being that is separate from and higher than the rest of the living community. None of the prophets attacked this vision; on the contrary, they affirmed it vigorously.

So I can’t agree with your notion that the prophets were somehow speaking against Mother Culture; they would not have won their huge followings if they’d been in fundamental disagreement with Mother Culture.

I don’t perceive myself as “speaking against” Mother Culture. My effort is to make people aware of Mother Culture and what she is saying—and has been saying to us for thousands of years. I’m not “against” the idea that humanity belongs to a separate and higher order of being; what I’m trying to point out is that it’s an idea that is going to make us extinct if we don’t get rid of it.

ID: 495
posted: 20 Oct 2000
updated: 20 Oct 2000