I won’t attempt to justify the things you say I would say, because they’re NOT things I would say.

I will point out, however, first, that the folks who gathered into the first farming villages in the Fertile Crescent didn’t have the remotest idea that they were “walking into” civilization (which was still 5000 years away, after all), and, second, that gathering into farming villages doesn’t mean walking away from tribalism. Most of the extant tribal peoples living today live in farming villages.

The folks who walked away from Teotihuacan, however, definitely knew what they were walking away from—and what they were walking back to: a societal system that was still flourishing all around them. (And they DID walk back to it; they didn’t commit mass suicide or just vanish from the face of the earth.)

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posted: 03 Jan 2002
updated: 02 Apr 2002

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