I’m afraid I can’t recommend any specific agent to you. The fact that you’ve read my work wouldn’t put you at any advantage with my own agent; writing her would be the same as picking an agent at random. My best advice is to invest in a copy of the latest Guide to Literary Agents from Writers Digest (you can check it out at http://www.writersdigest.com/catalog/index.htm). You might also showcase your work at http://www.authorlink.com/, which describes itself as an “award-winning rights marketplace where editors and agents buy and sell unpublished and published manuscripts and screenplays.” I personally would do both these things if I were in your position. I might add that literary agents seldom specialize in any particular kind of book; they have to be ready to sell anything promising that comes their way (just as most publishers are ready to publish anything promising that comes their way).

ID: 537
posted: 27 Jan 2002
updated: 27 Jan 2002