What I’ve also said repeatedly (though not in any book) is that people with changed minds are needed EVERYWHERE. More than anywhere else, they’re needed in the WORST sectors of our society.

The silliest reaction people have to my work is to think that, because they’re connected with some evil industry or organization, they should flee from it—leaving it entirely in the hands of people who don’t give a damn about our future. What good does it do to have governments and corporations run by people who think that devouring the world is what we were put here to do?

If every member of our government had a changed mind, then the minds of everyone on the planet would change practically overnight, and what’s going on here would change in a hurry, not because the government would “permit” it but because the government would take its place in a society that WANTED to change what’s going on here and would therefore facilitate that change.

NOTE: The reference in the question is page 192 of the trade paperback edition of My Ishmael.

ID: 539
posted: 02 Feb 2002
updated: 01 Apr 2002

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