I’m afraid I have no antidote for your family’s “Jewish Conspiracy” thing. Like all conspiracy theories, it’s an article of faith, beyond the reach of reason.

While it may be true that the Ishmael of the bible “was a Jew,” the Ishmael of my book is, um, a GORILLA, and I don’t think gorillas are divided up between Jews and Gentiles.

The idea that Quinn is a Jewish name is pretty funny; Quinn is as Irish as O’Malley (and it was originally O’Quinn).

The idea that I’ve “got rich” off my books is also pretty funny. I’m happy to say that I make a living as a writer, but if you want to see authors who’ve “got rich” off their books, you’ll have to look at folks like John Grisham and Stephen King.

ID: 545
posted: 26 Feb 2002
updated: 26 Feb 2002