During the civil rights movement, you used to hear people say, “You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.”

It’s not so clear cut now. Now it’s rather a matter of weighing just how much you’re contributing to BOTH the problem AND the solution. I try to contribute as LITTLE as possible to the problem and as MUCH as possible to the solution, and I really don’t think anyone can do better than that.

No one living in our society can contribute 0% to the problem—or 100% to the solution. People with changed minds are needed EVERYWHERE if there’s going to be any hope for our survival.

I would urge you to USE your talents (no matter what sort they are), not abandon them. You say you “need out.” If you find a way out, this (to me) just means one less person contributing to the solution.

ID: 568
updated: 29 May 2002