Your surprise that I’m not an anarchist surprises me, since I’ve made it abundantly clear that I admire the functionality of tribal societies—and they’re certainly not anarchies. I see nothing whatever in my answers to questions 502 and 592 that concedes the inborn rights of anything to anybody. (I have elsewhere asserted that the very notion of “inborn rights” is a figment of our cultural imagination.)

I wonder how you know that I “feed a failed, corrupt system (the U.S. government)” with my vote. I have nowhere said that I do. In my answer to question 502 I said I “would not be inclined to throw away my vote just to make a gesture.” This is true, but all it indicates is what I wouldn’t do, not what I would do or actually do. Do you perhaps have a spy posted outside my home on voting days?

ID: 605
updated: 18 Jan 2003