There is no one thing that everyone can do that will help assure the survival of indigenous peoples. It’s a sub-theme of my work to encourage people to look at where they are and who they are to find out what they can do to participate in saving the world, instead of waiting for someone else to figure out the one thing that everyone can do.

The lifestyle of five and a half billion people on the planet is contributing to the demise of indigenous peoples worldwide. Each of those five and a half billion people is differently placed and differently empowered and must look at his/her situation and say, “What is POSSIBLE for me to do? What is possible for ME to do?”

People have got to stop WAITING for someone else to tell them what to do; people have got to stop DEFERRING ACTION; people have got to get in the habit of saying, “Here is where I am, this is what I can do in my circumstances.” No one knows better than you where you are or what you can do in your circumstances, so how can anyone tell you what to do?

NOTE: Since this question was answered in 1997, the population has increased to over seven billion in 2019.

ID: 62
Posted: 08 Feb 1997