Of course it would be possible for the person who organized the venture to have a functioning part in the business. Why on earth wouldn’t it be? The person who organized the Neo-Futurist Theatre Company is without doubt the tribal “chief.” Rennie and I were the chiefs of the East Mountain News.

You can’t think so rigidly about this. “Equality” is not like virginity. Decision-making is a task that must be performed within any organization, including a tribal organization. When you join the circus, you become part of the tribe, but this doesn’t mean you get to make the decisions; that remains the task of the circus owner.

The founder of the Neo-Futurist Theatre Company (who is the only permanent member of the tribe—the others come, work within the tribe for a while, and then move on) is accepted as the one who must make decisions about the company. Rennie and I held that role in the East Mountain News, and everyone else knew (and were perfectly content with this); they knew they couldn’t possibly make the decisions we had to make to keep the thing going.

ID: 647
updated: 13 Sep 2003