I frankly can’t see why “polygamy would chip away at the Taker worldview” or why it would mean “lack of ownership, more freedom, less control.” As is my habit, I look at the whole of human history as a guide to what works for people.

I can’t claim to an exhaustive knowledge of the subject, but I know that the practice of polygamy (many spouses) has been very rare; rather, there have been a few societies that practiced polygyny (many wives)—all of them Taker societies as far as I know, and wives in these societies certainly didn’t experience “more freedom” or “less control.”

For a single, simple act that would totter the Taker worldview, I’d nominate a law requiring all government officials, elected or appointed, and all corporate executives earning more than $200,000 to appear in public only when naked from the waist down.

ID: 700
updated: 27 Aug 2004