There is at this point (and may never be) a set of “models.” You arrange things in a way that works, and if it doesn’t work, then you change it.

Two very different models are offered in Beyond Civilization. The East Mountain News had a boss, Rennie, but this didn’t mean she made more money or had a big office with a view.

Hap and CJ’s income was primarily from commissions on ad sales and secondarily on news stories, columns, and photos (paid for by the line and photo). But they also knew that we would come through with whatever they needed to keep themselves going. Rennie and I had all the expenses-from equipment to printing, and these had to be paid first.

The Neo-Futurist model is entirely different. When everyone is getting what they want and need from the venture, then it works. It’s impossible to describe one model that will do that in every situation.

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updated: 24 Jun 2005