Advocates of a resource-based economy very probably have the idea that this economy is the brainchild of Jacque Fresco. This is a bit like crediting the invention of the wheel to Henry Ford.

Humans evolved with a distinctly human social organization, the tribe, and with a distinctly tribal economy, a resource-based economy. Both the tribe and its resource-based economy worked well for humans for millions of years, and these things still work well for humans wherever they haven’t been driven into extinction by our world-conquering culture.

So: there is no question that a resource-based economy can work; it’s not a pipe dream. And there is no question that it can work for perfectly ordinary human beings.

The question yet to be answered, however, is this: We are in the midst of a Sixth Extinction as devastating as the Fifth Extinction that emptied the world of dinosaurs—and this is not some problem for the distant future, it’s happening NOW, at the rate of an estimated 150 species a day.

Given this fact (and it is a fact acknowledged by biologists worldwide), how do we QUICKLY extricate ourselves from a deeply entrenched global economic system and replace it with a fundamentally different one—before humanity itself becomes extinct along with all the species that we ourselves are making extinct?

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updated: 28 Aug 2012