Passing on a new message to the next generation is really done the same way as the old message was. No one ever sat you down as a child with the intention of passing along Mother Culture’s teachings, yet you received them—from thousands of tiny messages your parents weren’t remotely conscious of sending. They couldn’t HELP sending them, because they WERE the old message. And if you ARE the new message, you can’t HELP sending it to YOUR children.

Indeed, it should not be turned into a curriculum, into a feature of “schooling.” If you aren’t aware of my position on schooling, then you haven’t read My Ishmael. This would be the guide I’d give you on your plans to “develop a pre-school.”

You certainly can’t add messages to be sent to pre-school children that are at variance to the messages they’re receiving from their parents. At that age, children hear from their parents is received as Absolute Truth—not to be questioned until mid- to late adolescence. This is why there is no “children’s version” of Ishmael. Small children aren’t ready to hear anything that disagrees with what they hear from their parents—and if what they’re hearing from their parents is the new message found in Ishmael, they don’t NEED a children’s version.

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updated: 03 Jun 2014