Schools are offering such an enormous selection of relevant courses nowadays (unlike the way it was when I was in your position), that it’s impossible for me to give you a list. Each school is different. You can see what I mean if you look at the Ishmael website’s list of courses in which Ishmael is being used as a text. You almost have to start with a school and then see what they offer. Keep in mind that there are no careers that are irrelevant to the task ahead—the task of finding a sustainable lifestyle for us in the very near future. We need to have people with informed consciences EVERYWHERE. We need them to be teachers and architects and lawyers and laborers and musicians and social workers and retailers and cooks and truck drivers and research scientists. There are no irrelevant people and no irrelevant jobs. Instead of thinking about what career is best, think about what YOU do best. Doing what you do best is how you’ll make yourself most effective in saving the world.

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