Here is how Ishmael and Eisler reconstruct the period roughly between 6000 BC and 3000 BC in Europe:
Ishmael: Taker agriculturalists supplanted hunting-gatherers.
Eisler: Peaceable agriculturalists supplanted hunter-gatherers.

Here is how Ishmael and Eisler reconstruct what happened next:
Ishmael: Taker nomads overran the Taker agriculturalists of Europe.
Eisler: Brutal nomads overran the peaceable agriculturalists of Europe.

As you see, the difference is one of nomenclature. Eisler calls the early agriculturalists of Europe peaceable agrarians. Ishmael calls them Takers. Eisler calls the invaders from the east brutal nomads. Ishmael calls them Takers. (Or would so call them; he doesn’t address this particular issue in Ishmael.)

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