I have not attended any type of organized religious gathering since I was 11 years old. However, I do not feel that I have lost my faith. I just feel alone in my beliefs. Do you think that congregations are important for a spiritual experience to be complete? Do you feel that it is important to be able to share your experience with others who understand what you believe? Who share your beliefs?

Some questions concerning the NO RIGHT WAY TO LIVE idea… Are their wrong ways? Does your answer imply that you did not, do not oppose human slavery? Do you not believe Nazism/Fascism is a wrong way? Are you positionless? And what would that mean? Do you believe in any moral absolutes? Aren’t “ways” that do not foster life, and the law of life WRONG ways? Is not adopting ways in harmony with a new vision a right way? (I am aware of the point about the Gebusi in the book, and who are we to say their way is wrong, but they are supposedly of a different culture, a Leaver one, so within OUR culture can there not be better and worse paths? Clearly not all of the distinctions that exist in our huge Taker culture can be explained away as different programs, and different currents in the same flooding waters?)