What are your thoughts of on solving world hunger? Do you think that the earth is near reaching its carrying capacity? One view is that population growth is more in the hands of family planning organizations than in the hands of farmers because world grain outputs, etc. have not drastically increased in recent years. Do you have any resources you recommend for me looking further into possible solutions to alleviating world hunger?

I think you’ve answered this question, but inadequately: There is a well-established correlation between standard of living and population growth. The higher the standard of living (and hence the more food produced locally) the lower the birth rate. This flies in the face of your contention that population growth is tied to food production. Taking this down to the microcosm – when you see a picture of people starving in Ethiopia, what is ALWAYS in the picture? A LOT of infants and children. They’re not producing any food, but . . . .

You say that birth control is not the answer­—that it can’t be the answer. But I can’t believe that limiting food production is the “only” solution. It may be the best, but not the “only.”

For example, if we were to somehow forcibly sterilize all but 1000 women on this planet, our population problem would be solved, at least for the next several thousand years. I just can’t believe that birth control can be ruled out as a solution.