My growing and learning beckons questions which crave answers. One particular area in my studies is man’s “spirituality.” When asking myself about the essence of “religion,” I also want to feel back to what “religion” was before the Great Forgetting (GF). I feel the animist-glow sometimes and then follow the linear evolution until the ability to think in abstract ways seemed also to form (or allow room) for “the gods/God,” etc. I trust I’m making sense to you: the concept I’m trying to convey.

After reading all your books to date and listening to “The Book of the Damned” on audio I keep wondering what exactly you mean by “the gods”. I took it to mean that Leavers were, and still are living at the whim of nature and simply taking what comes free and not worrying about what is to come next. I assumed that you did not actually mean any god or gods in specific. Am I interpreting “The gods” correctly?