By the time we “discovered” America the continent was fully inhabited by Native Americans. Their population growth is much slower than ours, but it grows too. They still had enough of room to grow slowly without being a real danger for this world. But what if they have had another hundred thousand years? Their growth is slowed down by the way they live, but there’s no proof that it is really limited. Or is there a proof? Finally, my best argument is: they DO have a population control that works until now, which is more than we can assert. And it would be better to have a control that presumably works than to have NO control at all. But would it work if they would have our technology? If we don’t have to give up technology, and if the Leavers have the only known mechanism to control population, what would happen if you combine these components?

A Zen Buddhist friend can’t see why in The Story of B you’ve lumped Buddhism in with “the others.” As she says, our teacher would say,” If you have a question, go ask a tree.” It’s true that Buddhism and the other major world religions are involved in attempts at ecumenicalism, but I’m not sure that this counts for much. I suspect that Jews and Buddhists are only involved in ecumenism because they’re afraid of being swallowed up whole by Christianity in particular and maybe Islam too. What do you think?