Have you ever asked your publisher to release the entire Ishmael trilogy as a single volume?

I hope it doesn’t violate your contract. (I saw from someone else’s question that you can’t release mass paperback editions.) Because I was having this huge fight with someone who had just read Ishmael and none of the other books and had completely misunderstood things.

In arguing with this guy, I was struck by how many times I said, “Quinn CLEARLY said in My Ishmael…” or “It’s written right there, in The Story of B…” One volume of the whole trilogy would be cheap, handy, and pretty gosh darned cool.

I feel like I’ve been lulled back to sleep, and I’m absolutely terrified. Maybe it was meeting so much apathy in so many people; as the school year ended, I found I no longer had the ability to be B.

I have never suffered such a loss of identity, and I simply do not know what to do. Mother Culture has convinced me that there’s no point—that nothing can be done.

She screams it at me so loudly that I can’t even get through a chapter of your books anymore—and when I try to make myself believe again, terror and shame overwhelm me and I go back to sleep.