Yes, but how are the strategies proposed in Beyond Civilization supposed to eliminate pollution, overpopulation, crime, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, poverty, police brutality, political corruption, racism, child abuse, violence against women, homophobia, pornography, violence in film and music, exploitation of the elderly, date rape, judicial malfeasance, insider trading, road rage, and media bias?

It occurs to me that our society (at least here in America) hasn’t completely forgotten everything in “The Great Forgetting,” if you observe our strict laws in the business world, you will see that they enforce the Law of Limited Competition. Companies can compete to the best of their abilities, but cannot wage war upon each other, or destroy each others consumer base, or deny each other access to consumers. What are your thoughts on this?

How does it feel to know that your messages will not be heard by the people who need to hear it the most? People such as corporate chairmen, and other such positions of power. How does it also feel to know that some men will hear what you have to say, but will not understand what you are trying to say? How does it feel to know that some men will hear what you have to say, but will turn their backs for a higher ambition such as beating their competitors rather than helping out mother Earth, or will turn their backs simply because they don’t care? How do you deal with your obstacles?

I would like to know Mr. Quinn’s thoughts regarding the Y2k computer “millennium bug.” To some experts, this could be the worst problem of the century and maybe of human history. Could this be one of the signals, that nobody can neglect, as the Takers’ culture collapses? If it happens, would it help to start a new vision of the world?