I’m a student working on an assignment that requires using an “ethical decision making process” to suggest a possible resolution to an “ethical” dilemma. The case we’ve been presented with is that of a person who has had a neurological deficit and hasn’t been improving as fast as the insurance company would like so the insurance company no longer wants to fund treatment. We’re supposed to use an ethical decision making model to decide whether or not we should lie to the insurance company about progress to prolong treatment or find some alternative solution. Do you know of any resources for making “ethical” decisions that don’t actually involve ethics or morals?

Is it possible that human culture evolves as do biological life-forms? It is well-known that some life-forms actually do overtake other life-forms so that there is an imbalance in a particular eco-system to the short-term favor of the aggressive life-form. So, isn”t human culture, which is, in a very real sense, our tribal “nest” also prone to these same short-term imbalances?

I hope to make the issues of your work apparent to others but admit to a sense of hopelessness in this task. The rich, because they gain from the System, and the poor, because they feel trapped by it, will block any attempt at change. We know that the current trend can only end in social collapse. Ideally, we would prevent the collapse, but I don’t see how. Do you? We have the beginning and the end of a story: The problems our society has now, and some outline of what we would like to see. What is missing is the middle chapters: the method of getting the masses, both rich and poor, to break the system they have benefitted from and been trapped by. Because this middle part is missing, I’m beginning to lose faith in a happy ending. I feel as though there is a very simple path, just beyond perception, that is always just a couple of steps away. I can’t see it but feel that it is there, and the more I read about where the path leads, the more frustrating it gets that we don’t know in which direction to tread.