I don’t know how relevant or likely this is, but I was wondering if you ever considered the possibility of starting your own weblog.

With so many cheap or free options out there, like Blogspot or LiveJournal, and your inspired perspective on the world, it seems like it would be a wonderful fit, and a means for you to explore smaller ideas that might not make it into book form.

One of the most interesting and useful ideas for learning to me is the use of compact discs. I have been attracted to this format that Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky use to spread their ideas.

One CD in particular is Zinn’s lecture given at Reed College, which can be found in most record stores. I would like to know if you have given any thought of producing some of your own lectures, interviews, or even readings on to CD.

I believe it would do very well. I know I would be intrigued.

After having been enthusiastic when reading Ishmael, I am more and more wondering about your real goals. What do you look for? Increasing your community of Ishamel’s addicts (CONSUMERS), and by the way your OWN income? Why don’t you say anything regarding the real world events as WTO meeting is Seattle?? What do you do about that new Stalinist Way of getting huge wealth for a “happy?” few, by convincing the People of the World that they are going to get more and more civilized if they buy more and more American shit, and enjoy U.S. stupid Entertainment industry (including Ishmael’s fairy tales ???)

How does it feel to know that your messages will not be heard by the people who need to hear it the most? People such as corporate chairmen, and other such positions of power. How does it also feel to know that some men will hear what you have to say, but will not understand what you are trying to say? How does it feel to know that some men will hear what you have to say, but will turn their backs for a higher ambition such as beating their competitors rather than helping out mother Earth, or will turn their backs simply because they don’t care? How do you deal with your obstacles?

I’ve read nearly every single question and answer in the past year and a half and have found that a great number of the questions are asked in the same tone, same style, same length…and appear to come from the same person. My question is, are questions “planted” here to deter people from asking them in the first place, or, more to the point, are questions with the same basic thought taken and a new, simplistic question formed from it, and given the appearance of having been original?