I’ve found myself rereading The Holy, not for the animist theme, but for the dialogue. I’ve noticed in several of your books, but especially in The Holy, the characters speak in very clear, direct, and honest ways, even when they are being ambiguous and dishonest (if that makes any sense).

It’s a refreshing sense of everybody knowing their own needs and agendas and putting it out on the table without apology, and I’m wondering where you learned to write characters that talk like this? Is it simply drawn from your own skill at communication. I’m envious.

I was wondering if you have ever read anything about the Spanish Anarchist Collectives of 1946. It certainly would not be accurate to say that they existed “beyond civilization” as you would put it, but they did seem to have some interesting solutions.

Material on the collectives is scarce, but I’m sure you can locate enough information for a satisfying response on the internet.

I am a film student in his last year ready to begin my final project. I would like your blessing to spread the word of Ishmael using your ideas in a film. I am not asking for permission to plagiarize. In fact this film will be used to show to fellow students only and will be of my adaptation and not of your words.

I don’t know why I feel compelled to ask you but a response would be greatly heart-warming. It is important to continue this silent revolution through art and your permission would be inspiring (an aspect of art I rarely come across) thank you for your time and wisdom.

Though I certainly enjoyed After Dachau, The Man Who Grew Young, and The Holy, I miss reading new insights from you every once in a while about saving the world. Your last book directly addressing that subject, Beyond Civilization, was published about five years ago.

The most recent of your speeches posted to this site is from about 2 1/2 years ago. Do you think you will have anything new to say about saving the world in the future, either in a book or shorter format?